Systemic work: regaining personal freedom

Systemic Work is one of the fastest growing training techniques in the world today. It is estimated that over 1 million people in Europe and the United States have already attended training based on Systemic Work.

The basic idea is that we all live in systems, such as our family, work place or our school. And we adapt our habits, behaviours and also values and beliefs to the systems that we belong to, based on our loyalty to the system. Only, these values and beliefs that were once beneficial may not serve us well in the present. 

Systemic Work is perfect for helping you to resolve unexplained and unfavourable situations that possibly repeat over and over in your life. With systemic visualisations we can help you to make visible where the system is not in balance and provide ways to resolve this. Information will flow into the visualisation and gentle interventions will make it easier for you to change your own behaviour and improve your relationships.

At the Institute for Systemic Work Asia, we are proud to provide training, workshops and coaching based on Systemic Work in the Southeast Asia region.

Working with certified senior trainers, our powerful workshops will help you unshackle the invisible chains of everyday systems that are holding you down.

Regain your personal freedom to live your best life and improve your interpersonal relationships so that you can enjoy success for yourself, your loved ones and your career.