1-day workshop Team energy and customer focus

This workshop focuses on the position of the team in relation to its customers and stakeholders. It addresses issues as team spirit, process efficiency and energy. The workshop does not focus on individual issues between team members, to make it safe for all colleagues to participate. However, explaining the principles of Systemic Work and participating in various constellations will also have a positive effect on relationships within the team.

The workshop consists of one full day in which explanation, group exercises and individual assignments will be combined.


  • Introduction to Systemic Work
  • Short exercises to get acquainted with the methodology
  • Positioning of the team in relation to its (internal) customers and shareholders in one or more constellations


  • Identifying issues to work on
  • Clarifying these issues through constellations
  • Determining individual actions to bring focus and energy back
  • Doing constellations in small groups to overcome blockages in executing these actions

The workshop can be held with teams up to 20 people and will then be facilitated by two trainers.