Systemic visualisations™ as a tool to analyse and resolve organisational problems

Systemic work is based on three easy-to-understand non-religious and non-cultural principles. These principles are:

  • Everybody has a place in the system
  • The hierarchy in the system needs to be respected
  • There needs to be a balance between give and take

Participants in a workshop will learn how identify where these rules are not met and to resolve simple issues themselves. More complex issues can be handled with a facilitator in an one-to-one setting or in a group workshop using systemic constellations.

Systemic visualisations are to make the dynamics behind problems clear through depiction in three-dimensional space. Questions are sought and answers will correlate to the placement of yourself and other representatives in this space. This creates a living map of what you are unaware of in a relationship or situation. Learning is derived from how the others perceive such relationships.

Once patterns are highlighted, the trainer will look for a setup that has a positive effect on individuals and on the overall system. This is done by asking questions, moving representatives and to rule on what is happening in the relationship.