Dipa Ein Siak

Dipa is one of the very first few certified facilitator in Singapore in Systemic Family Constellation work under the tutelage of Dr Jane Peterson as well as many pioneers of constellation work, including Bert Hellinger. She has over 20 years of experience with meditation and was living at the Osho commune in India for parts of many years.

She is also a qualified facilitator in the area of Fine Arts, Psychotherapy and Divine Healing(c) Body work. She is the creator of Visionary ART Workshop, an art and self-awareness group where she has integrated her experiences of Tantra, Sufism, Overtones & Sound Healing, Learning Love work, Hypnosis, astral as well as shamanic practises in the workshops. She has guided thousands of students in the expanding of consciousness through various portal channels.

Dipa is the founder of Garden of Consciousness in Singapore and her journey is to support others along their path in expanding consciousness and raising frequencies of the subtle body. She is currently creating a meditative visual book based on the theme of “Inner Love, Inner Peace and Oneness”.

She is honoured to be supporting the Institute for Systemic Work Asia in the processes of guided active meditations.