Open 2-day workshop Unlock the power within

Unlock the Power Within is a powerful and unique approach that focuses both on the individual and his or her relationships with the team. It is a training where business professionals can work on their issues with peers from other companies, in a confidential setting, without the colleagues involved. 

In this workshop we use a combination of systemic visualisation, transformational coaching and mindfulness training to achieve quick and effective solutions. The Program is holistic – It works on various levels of the participant, including their personal development, professional growth, work-life issues, relationship issues, team building, leadership and successful mindset – and simple and effective. The games, the role-playing, the simple tools and relaxation exercises ensures that we keep the environment light and conducive to learning and change.

We are currently planning new training dates and will keep you updated. The training venue will be in or around the Singapore CBD area. Participation is open to all business professionals who want to improve their interaction with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.