The Bert Hellinger methodology

What we call systemic visualisations is based on the work of the renowned European psychotherapist and author, Bert Hellinger. His approach for family constellations has grown rapidly in Europe over the last 20 years and is now gaining international attention.

Hellinger is an important founding father of the theory of family and organisational constellations. Considered by many to be Europe’s most innovative and provocative psychotherapist, we are very thankful for his research and honoured that he made it possible for us to facilitate constellations. 

Hellinger acknowledges several important influences on his life and work: his parents, whose faith immunised him against accepting Hitler’s National Socialism; his 20 years as a priest, particularly as a missionary to the Zulu and his participation in interracial, ecumenical training in group dynamics led by the Anglican clergy.

Through Bert Hellinger’s years of observation and research in constellation work, he has noticed that in every system are three important principles to be respected. We still work from these principles and belief that these will help you to take steps in your personal development to become free from your systems so that you can live the life that you desire.