Hendrik de Ruiter

Hendrik is an experciened international trainer from the Netherlands. His approach is results-oriented and respectful. He is systematic and committed. With this knowledge and experience he knows how to quickly analyse problems in families and organisations and to solve them. He brings you directly to the essence of your issue.

Hendrik is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and obtained his certification at The Dutch Training Institute (NTI NLP). After many years of training and personal development he is also certified family and organisational visualisation facilitator. Hendrik’s trainers were trained under Bert Hellinger supervision.

Hendrik has conducted hundreds of family and business visualisation. He also coaches in a one to one setting. He encourages his clients to understand and address the fears, obstacles and stories that interfere with joyful living and passion, and incorporates systemic techniques that focus on both mind and body awareness to allow for deeper and more integrative healing of personal issues.

Hendrik attended further trainings on more specialised areas of visualisation work. Hendrik is also qualified healer by Center of Life and Intuition in the Netherlands (2019-2021). And he did several courses for giving readings (2022).

Hendrik travels between Europe and Southeast Asia. He can best be reached through hendrik@systemicwork.com.