Monika Wyss

Monika Wyss is a Family Constellation Trainer and Fast Track Technique Teacher with many years of experience in various modalities including NLP Coaching, Heal your Life® Coaching and Emotion Code. From living in Malaysia for the past 13 years she got to know the asian culture and discovered issues which she had not previously encountered in Europe. Having done a lot of inner work to clear the trauma of her family’s past and the Polish nation, she is now able to guide clients through some of the most difficult processes.

Monika is a passionate teacher with the aim of giving her clients and students empowering tools and techniques, which are helpful in changing the client’s perspective on his or her own life. She supports clients on their journey as they take the necessary steps towards reaching and expressing their full potential.

Monika has facilitated hundreds of workshops and private sessions and now she is supporting Institute for Systemic Work to spread even more life changing experiences for clients throughout Asia.