Systemic visualisations™: a powerful tool to analyse the situation

Systemic visualisations are an important tool to help you to get to the core of your problem. Is is always led by a facilitator, who will determine who is involved through an interview. A one-on-one interview is advisable if you don’t like to discuss your personal issues with the group.
After the interview, you will use objects, or preferably other people, as representatives for the people involved in your issues. The representatives will speak and move only when invited by the facilitator; this is not a role-play.

You will then place a representative for yourself and for the other people involved, in the room. It is important to do this through feeling or intuition. 

The way you unconsciously place the representatives will you provide you with information about the real problem behind the symptoms. Also the representatives will be asked how they experience the situation. The visualisation can make clear where things went wrong in the system (e.g. people that are not seen by others, an order that is not respected, or people that are carrying a burden for another). This insight will be an eye-opener and breakthrough to solve your issue permanently.

The facilitator can suggest that the representatives make movements or say something to each other. For example, by saying that you respect somebody for what he or she has done, a balance can be restored.  This intervention is very powerful, far-reaching and will definitely change the way you respond to your issue.