Systemic work: making the intangible visible

Systemic coaching is a new approach to organisational effectiveness, especially when the source of problems is unclear or there is an inflexibility to change.

An organisation is a complex system with inter-connected elements. Individuals or even an entire department, can unknowingly get tangled in the patterns of the organisational system. This may have several consequences, arising from stress and complaints among employees, to conflicts or a lack of work productivity.

Systemic constellations is to make the dynamics behind problems clear through depiction in three-dimensional space. Questions are sought and answers will correlate to the placement of yourself and other representatives in this space. This creates a living map of what you are unaware of in a relationship or situation.

Systemic Work is one of the fastest growing training techniques in the world today. It is estimated that over 1 million people in Europe and the United States have already attended training based on Systemic Work.

You can use systematic constellation to get the needed answers in your individual work or topics related to the organisation, examples are:

Individual work questions:

  • Uncertainty of position and ambition
  • Conflicts at work
  • Difficult decisions concerning your work situation
  • Energy loss at work
  • Personal barriers
  • Difficulty in functioning optimally
  • Burn-out by overwork

Organisation-based work request:

  • Radical changes such as reorganisations and mergers
  • Lack of clarity in leadership
  • Lack of customer focus
  • Struggle between different parts of the organisation
  • Large degree of movement or absenteeism
  • Survival of very old and historical barriers

In general, where normal capability trainings don’t work and the traditional outdoor teambuilding activities have lost their effect, systemic work can provide a solution.