Customised Programs for constellation work

Our 1-day workshop team energy and customer focus is just an example of what we can do for you. Mostly our work starts with an individual consultation where we explain more about our approach and where we do a simple table visualisation (with objects for the people involved in your issue) to let you experience the power of Systemic Work.

Our programs always start with the issues that are bothering you and your team. Especially where it comes to more complex problems with many stakeholders involved, or ‘intangible’ aspects such as team spirit, Systemic Work can provide clarity and show you a solution.

This does not always have to be through workshops that involve all your staff. Sometimes working with the management team or only with you or a few others will be enough. We can only determine this after our first meeting. Also see our case descriptions.

Whatever the approach will be, our commitment is to help you in a focused, clear and respectful way, in full confidentiality where necessary. Just invite us and see what we can offer you for your specific situation. Contact Hendrik de Ruiter.