Organisational constellation Case descriptions

To get a feeling what kind of questions are common to use for a systemic visualisation™, and to highlight our approach, the following case descriptions may be helpful.

Industry: horticulture
Client: CEO
Initial question: How do I ensure that sales targets are met?
Approach: A series of three business visualisations, the first with the CEO in relationship to the sales managers, the second with the sales manager in relation to the clients, and the third one with the board of directors in relationship to the management team. In these visualisations the importance of the history of the company and the relationship between the director became clear and many operational issues were solved.
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Industry: real estate
Client: business development manager
Initial question: How to promote my new plans with the management team?
Approach: A systemic visualisation with the various colleagues involved was set up and different positions for the business development manager were tested. This lead to a conclusion who to use as his primary contact person.
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