Testimonial of Silin Gan, account director at RBW

Family Constellation has been a very important support for my life journey, as well as the pursuit of my success and happiness. Through this programme, I now have clarity about the struggles that I am facing in my life. It also releases me from past entanglements that had adversely affected the past outcomes of my life.

I love Hendrik’s sensitivity to the emotions of the individuals, and the undivided attention that he has for each of us. He taught us about the importance of finding the spaces that we need to heal spiritually. Most importantly, he is capable of uncovering and resolving the deeply hidden entanglement at our unconscious level, one that we have no access to, yet is so damaging to our results in our lives.

The Institute for Systemic Work takes deep interest in the individual’s well being; besides Hendrik, there is Dipa, who plays a crucial role in getting our bodies ready to allow us to reap the most from the session. Above all, she ensures the participants’ energies are taken care of during the programme. With her, I feel guarded though my space and energy are exposed.

Both Hendrik and Dipa made the Family Constellation experience complete for all of us.